Taste of Cannabis

PETS Isolate Oil - 300mg CBD

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This preparation contains a customised blend of CBD isolate (cannabidiol 99.5%), terpenes and natural extracts used promote calmness and relieve stress and pain in your pet.  Taste of Cannabis PETS has a vanilla flavour that appeals to dogs.

As with humans, dogs also benefit from the use of CBD.  Its use is widely accepted for calming dogs and relieving their anxiety.  Taste of Cannabis PETS is specially formulated and contains extract of turmeric, beta caryophyllene, and myrcene to support and enhance the effects of CBD.  Taste of Cannabis PETS does not contain THC.

Give your dogs a dose based on its weight:

Weight of Dog kg

Moderate Dose Per Day

Strong Dose Per Day


2 drops

4 drops


2-8 drops

10 drops


4-12 drops

16 drops


6-16 drops

20 drops


8-24 drops

30 drops


12-30 drops

40 drops


Start your dog on a lower dose and gradually increase as required.  Drop into the mouth or mix with food or a treat.

Always consult your veterinarian and do not give to pregnant, lactating dogs or puppies.