By ticking this box, I Hereby indemnify Cannafoods International (Pty) ltd. trading as Taste of Cannabis as follows:

  1. I am an adult person over 18 years of age.
  2. I am aware that the products supplied by Cannaco products and Cannalicious products are broad spectrum CBD products that require to be taken within the prescribed maximum dosage of no more than 1 dosage at a time, as provided on the packaging directions and as advised by Cannafoods International / Taste of Cannabis employees or Website.
  1. If I have queries relating to the products, I shall direct them to
  2. I record my understanding of these terms and my request to become a member of the Cannabis Club Collective. I have been shown the membership terms of the Club which include an undertaking by the Club to respect my right to privacy under the POPI Act. I undertake to abide by such membership terms and the Constitution of the CCC.
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